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Use Your Android/iphone Wireless From Computer’s Mouse and Keyboard

While you can do a lot of things on your smartphone that were once only done on a computer, having a laptop is still necessary and critical for many tasks. Often times, the two devices work very well together.

These days, smartphones and tablets are just as important as your main computer from a productivity standpoint.

Below are the steps to be followed,

Install Remote Mouse on Your Computer

On your Windows or Mac, download the appropriate version of Remote Mouse When the app has finished installing, select “OK,” which will create an application icon up in your menu bar where you can toggle auto start and configure other settings.

Install Remote Mouse on Your Mobile Phone

On the mobile device side of things, you’ll need to download Remote Mouse for either Android, iOS, or Windows Phone below. Before opening the app, make sure that both your mobile device and desktop are on the same Wi-Fi network.


Use Your Mobile Phone as a Mouse

Make sure Remote Mouse is enabled on your computer, then open up the app on your mobile device and it will begin searching for your computer, which should only take a few seconds.


Use Your Phone Restart & Control Music

On your mobile device, use the computer icon at the top (second from the left) to power off and restart your computer, as well as put it to sleep and log out of your profile.

Use Your Phone as a Keyboard & Open Apps

You can view the apps on your computer’s dock from the window icon, where you can open an app by tapping on it; as of now there’s no way to close them.

Overall, even without the in-app purchases, the app worked great with Mac. The setup took just a few seconds and It was also impressive with the touch response and the ability to perform functions such as shutdown, restart, and sleep.


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