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How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On Your Android Device For Free

It’s surprising (and irritating) to discover that there’s no recycle bin in Android. We delete files all the time. And as humans, we also screw up. Put those two observations together and it’s easy to understand why we end up deleting important business contacts and text messages.

In Your PC or Computer you have Accidentally delete any file then you utterly going to recycle bin and restore that file and replace back in your internal space. But what happed in android Phone that works on the Linux system?? In in when any file was delete then enduringly delete from your device and the weak point is there is no recycle bin folder to help out for restore this file.


Dumpster is the best Recycle Bin for Android phones. Any photos or Videos you delete will go to the dumpster. And it will be stored in dumpster forever until you manually delete the file or schedule an auto clean items. You can also see the preview of your deleted files, and you can restore with a single click. The file will restore to its original location.You can’t recover any files you deleted before installing this app. So follow the below steps to configure a recycle bin feature on an Android device with Dumpster app.

You can download DUMPSTER here,


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